In Every Culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyl in ‘Introduction to a Submolecular Biology’

Reiki is Healing Energy!

Reiki Classes

Reiki is healing universal energies and because the energies are universal, they are good for everyone and are meant to be shared by everyone, the plants, animals and the earth.  There are many kinds of Reiki and Reiki Attunements available.  Although Reiki attunements can be sent long distance, or remotely, Reiki training is usually done in person, as well as most healing training, or even via Skype which offers a ‘visual’ and learning, and then of course the Attunements can still be sent over.  There is no time or space constraints when dealing with universal energies.  

Health for Life, LLC offers these Reiki Classes –

  1. Usui Reiki, Levels I – III
  2. Karuna Reiki Master
  3. SSR Reiki Master
  4. Violet Flame Reiki Master

If there is another Reiki form on this site you are interested in being taught, not just attuned to the energies, please contact us at

Reiki Attunements

While Reiki Energies and Attunements can be sent long distance, (and our classes teach this and other technique), Reiki Classes are taught in person AND can be taught over Skype.  REIKI IS PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT training.  There are many different Reiki Attunements available and these are the ones available on this site that are sent using Distance or Remote Method (Chi-Ball).  

Health for Life, LLC offers these Reiki Attunements, done via Distance using Remote Method (ChiBall).  Find these on this page Reiki Attunements

  1. Akashic Records Attunement
  2. Activation of the Medicine Wheel 
  3. Amara-Omni Reiki
  4. Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Reiki Master
  5. Amida Budda Link
  6. Angel Light Initiation
  7. Angelic Empowerments
  8. Atlantian Crystal Activation Attunement
  9. Assiel Attunement
  10. Azuriel Attunement
  11. Ayurveda Reiki
  12. Celtic Wisdom Energy System
  13. Celtic Reiki Master
  14. Colours of Angels
  15. DNA Reiki
  16. Dolphin Trilogy Reiki
  17. Dolphin Trilogy Reiki Attunement
  18. Elemental Reiki
  19. Earth Harmony Reiki
  20. Ethereal Crystals, Levels 1-9
  21. Fairy Light Raykey
  22. Fairy Realms Reiki
  23. Full Spectrum Healing
  24. Golden Triangle Healing System
  25. Imara Reiki
  26. Karmic Reiki
  27. Karuna Ki Reiki Master
  28. Kundalini Reiki – Levels 1, 2 and 3
  29. Kundalini Boosters Levels 1 – 6
  30. Phoenix Rising Reiki Attunement
  31. Reiki Psychic Attunement
  32. Sacred Flames Reiki Master
  33. Shield of Archangel Michael
  34. Spirit Reiki
  35. The Orb of Life
  36. The Silver Violet Flame
  37. The Universal Rays

In Most cases, there are no prerequisites to receive Reiki Attunements, however, some do have prerequisites and they are listed with the short description.  Obviously, to receive Reiki Master energies, one must already have achieved some level of Reiki training of that particular type.  Still, many are very simple and have no prerequisites.  A Reiki Master can teach or give attunements to others, although anyone attuned to the energies, can and often does offer Reiki healing sessions or sends Reiki energies, or volunteers to give Reiki sessions to ill people. 

Reiki IS for Everyone – regardless of religious beliefs

Is Reiki for Christians?  Anyone who has a concern that is in conflict with their Christian beliefs, please see this site for information. Christian Reiki.Org – Remember that Jesus was most known for healing and for spiritual releasement.  Reiki, as well as Healing Touch, are both offered free to many ill people in hospitals.

Any student who’s already taken the same class, can retake it, with all the attunements, etc., for half-price, or can volunteer to assist for free. If for some reason your original class was free, you can still retake it for half-price.


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