IET® Steps – Part I

IET® Steps to Transformation, Part I – Steps 1 – 7 

Creator of Integrated Energy Therapy® Stevan J. Thayer has done it again! He and the angels brought to us these wonderful, healing steps to transform our consciousness and uplift our emotions, body and spirit! Learn to heal and help others as you raise your own consciousness by attending and receiving these Steps to Power!

Offered as a full-day class of Steps 1 – 7, OR, in 1 – 2 hour increments for each step separately and via either Skype or Phone sessions. They can be purchased either way and there are no prerequisites! All students who attend the full-day class will receive the manual and certificate; anyone who orders all 7 steps will also receive the manual and certificate. Join us and take this powerful, healing journey!

The Earth and all humans are now experience great energy shifts – for some of us, this equates to lots of healing and clearing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies. For some people, this is quite an undertaking and many may suffer throughout this period and the physical may give out, or move on. These are ‘Steps’ from Angel Ariel and Stevan to assist us humans to heal ourselves, others and the Earth herself so we can all ‘move forward’ once again with this planet! Come and experience the wonderful healing and clearings powers of these Steps either in a one day class, or separately, at your own level.

NO experience necessary and NO prerequisites – in true Stevan fashion, easy and timeless for all to enjoy these frequencies!

Step 1 – HeartLink with Your Angel(s)
Step 2 – Activate Your 12-Strand DNA
Step 3 – Clear Your Karma with the Energy of the Angels
Step 4 – Achieve True Forgiveness
Step 5 – Empower Your Heart
Step 6 – Journey to a Future Lifetime
Step 7 – Cut Your Cords of CoDependency

For some experience clearing and healing work, there may be a resulting slight detox on the physical level. This is the same with all clearing and healing work no matter what method we healers use. Includes mundras for connecting as well.

Registration and Tuition 

• IET® Steps to Transformation, Part I – Steps 1 – 7 is $40 per step, or $225 for all seven steps/1 day
• OR, Each individual Step is priced about 1 – 2 hours of training for $40 each step, which can be done via phone and/or Skype or in person in a group – when available
• Cash, debit/credit cards accepted – American Express, Mastercard, Discover and Visa
• No Checks please and No refunds
All prices on this website supercede any and all other prices offered anywhere

IET Steps to Transformation – Steps 1 – 7 via Skype/Phone

IET Steps 1 – 7 Transformation via Phone/Skype/Class


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