IHF Cert. Hypnosis

IHF Certified Hypnotist (CH)

Certified Hypnotist (CH)– 5 days – 2 weekend sessions – (Must attend all sessions for certification) Approved for: Yoga Alliance CEUs, Nursing CE’s, International Hypnosis Federation Certified (IHF) (free 1 yr. membership and listing on their site)

Certified Hypnotist CH

Certified Hypnotist (CH)

• Class is rated at 72.5 hours; 42.5 hours classroom and 30 hours including homework, book report, exam and case studies.
Includes: FREE Certification from International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) $100 yr membership.
• Certificates come from IHF and Health for Life, LLC.

• Course includes the hours, certification and training for students to receive certification from the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) and, after the Masters Class, together, students will have enough hours and training to apply to the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) also;
Course fee of $1395, see below, includes all books, workbook, handouts
• Class Text and Student Workbook: “Hypnosis: Smile On Your Face, Money in Your Pocket” by Dr. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD.
• Books are mailed to students after registration; please provide mailing address.

Main Topics Include:

• How to Hypnotize and Reprogram Anyone
• How to De-Hypnotize and De-program Anyone
• How to Use and Teach Self-Hypnosis
• How to Help Others Quit Smoking
• How to Run ‘quit smoking’ seminars
• Definitions of Hypnosis
• How to properly explain hypnosis and altered states
• Embedded Suggestions
• The Structure of a Trance State
• The Art of the Client Intake
• Waking Hypnosis: The Laws of the Mind
• Release Weight Affirmation & Suggestion
• Lots of Self – Affirmations
• Plenty of short and easy Hypnosis Scripts for many uses, issues and circumstances
• Dozens of Inductions Including Stockwell’s 30 Second Zap
• Mesmerism – definition, users, etc.
• Deepening, Suggestion and Reinforcement
• Building expectation, rapport and agreement for great results
• Post Hypnotic Suggestion
• Overcoming the Victim Trap
• How to Make $$ Money using what you’ve learned in this class!


• Completed Student Workbook
• Homework Assignments, including writing 5 scripts, typed
• Final Exam
• Book Report (from approved list) – 500 words, typed
• List and Typed Report of 20 Experiental Experiences
• List of Handouts, graphs, drawings
• All assignments must be completed and turned in within 30 days after the last day of class
• Minimum score of 80% on the final exam required, unless other arrangements are agreed upon with Health For Life, LLC Management.

Registration and Tuition

Students must register prior to the first day of class as they will have ‘pre-reading’ and workbook assignments.
• Books will be shipped after registration – text and student workbook
• Class is held for 5 days, over two weekends, Part 1 and Part 2
• Students MUST attend all 5 days and complete all assignments to receive the certification
• Classes are held Saturday – Sunday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm for 2 weekends, Part I and Part II, and one more day.

$1395 class cost plus $100 registration fee and books
Total for Class and Registration = $1495

$200 discount if paid in full 30 days prior to class start date
• Registration deposit of $795 due 15 days prior to class start date
• Remainder of $700 due the first day of class – Part 1, OR pay total online using Shop menu

IHF Cert Hypnosis Class
Paid in Full
$1295One Time Fee, paid in full 30 days prior to class
IHF Cert Hypnosis Class
$$1495$795 dep, $700 paid 1st day

• Cash, debit/credit cards accepted – American Express, Mastercard, Discover and Visa
• No Checks please and  No refunds
• Discounts from Health for Life, LLC do NOT apply to classes offered, unless specifically stated as applicable to classes and certifications
All prices on this website supercede any and all other prices offered anywhere
• Discounts from Health for Life, LLC do NOT apply to classes offered, unless specifically stated as applicable to classes and certifications

Certified Hypnotist CH

IHF – The International Hypnosis Federation — 

Helen Bramow is IHF Certified Registered Instructor & School

     CEU Network –  Nursing Continuing Education Contact Hours

To Register: call 703-851-7954 or email HealthCoach095@gmail.com for the registration form and initial interview. Listed as a Workshop under Schedulicity.com online for registration also. Call for most recent classes forming now. Directions sent upon registration receipt, all major charge cards and debit cards welcome, as well as cash. No checks please.

No experience necessary – very basic hypnosis class for the lay person, as well as the professional. Includes: text book, workbook and handouts.  Upon completion, incl. 1 yr membership to IHF.  Rated at 65 total hours – 40 in class, 25 outside. Hours/Days: requires 5 full 8 hour days, or 16 1/2 days. Flexible days/weekends.  Nursing CE’s available


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