Lightarian Rays

Lightarian RaysTM

Lightarian RaysTM These Attunements create powerful, permanent energetic connections for you with one Master, who supports you energetically in your etheric background. Once you receive a Lightarian ™ attunement, you are then a facilitator (teacher) and can attune others to these energies in the same manner. All include manual, remote attunement (via a guided mediation), Teacher Certificate and registration through the Lightarian Institute.

The Empowerment Ray: Inspired by Ascended Master Maitreya, stimulates a dramatic “spiritual wake-up call” of the highest order, triggers waves of energetic acceleration/vibrational change within the chakras and subtle bodies. Note: The Empowerment Ray is required first before the other Rays.

The Clearing Ray: Created by Ascended Master El Morya, launches a gentle, yet effective “etheric deep cleaning” stripping away all of your adverse soul programming, inappropriate belief structures and undesired mental and emotional patterns.

The Healing Ray: Sourced by Ascended Master Buddha, initiates a powerful process of holistic self-healing, returning a state of balance and alignment.

The Manifestation Ray: Sourced by Ascended Master St. Germain, expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels, opening you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance to serve your higher purpose.

The Activation Ray: Sourced by Ascended Master Sananda, activates your latent etheric coding and triggers powerful, ongoing spiritual initiations, allowing more Higher Self energies to flow.

The Source Ray: Sourced by the 12 Divine Virtues and 8 other Ascended Masters, propels you into a unique, highly advanced phase of spiritual development, focused on acceleration of personal ascension. Requirement: Attunement to 5 abovementioned rays.


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