Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian ReikiTM

Lightarian ReikiTM The Lightarian ™ Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner Training is offered to Usui and Karuna-based Reiki Masters.  Usui Master Teacher/Practitioners will need either the Buddic Boost TM or Karuna MasterTM Reiki training.  A series of four levels are available to raise your personal vibration and expand your capability to deliver higher/finer healing energies. 

The Lightarian ™ Reiki attunement process is a very effective process, passed from Teacher to student. Levels I and II, III, IV, V and VI attunements are done remotely. There is a recommended wait period between each of the levels and the Buddic Boost, however, each student can be dowsed for the correct individual’s wait period between these attunements.

Master Teacher Certification is given after completion of each level. Once you receive a Lightarian ™, you are then a facilitator (teacher) and can ioffer these energies to others.

All Levels include a mailed manual, a guided mediation, Teacher Certificate and registration through the Lightarian Institute.             

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Buddhic Boost Attunement – ‘boosts’ the energy frequencies up from Usui Reiki Master level to be eligible to receive Lightarian Reiki levels.  For Usui Practitioners the Buddhic Boost is available for $50 and then you will be ready to receive Lightarian Reiki I and II, after a small wait period.  This is unnecessary for those who are already Karuna MasterTM Reiki training level.

Lightarian Reiki

Lightarian™ Reiki Levels – 

  • Lightarian® Reiki Level iI- II 

At levels I-II, you are connected to the Ascended Master Buddha and can use his healing presence in your healings.

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  • Lightarian™ Reiki Level III 

At level III, you are connected to Gaia and deepen your connection to Ascended Master Buddha and can use them both in your healings.         

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  • Lightarian™ Reiki Level iV

At level IV, you are connected to the Godhead and deepen your connection to Ascended Master Buddha and can use them to make a healing dome over your healings.         

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  • Lightarian Reiki™ Level V  VI 

At levels V-VI you are connected to Ascended Master Sananda and deepen your conection to Ascended Buddha and can use the healing presences Ascended Masters Buddha and Sananda, as well as Gaia and the Godhead to create a healing chamber into which you can bring your clients or students.

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Manuals are sent by regular mail and written in English, unless otherwise specified. If you have any concerns regarding the manuals, please contact me before purchase. Fees are NOT refundable once payment has been made.

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