Lightarian Programs

The complete list of Lightarian™ Programs consist of:

Lightarian ™ AngelLinks™
Lightarian ™ Rays™
Lightarian ™ Reiki™
Lightarian ™ Clearing™

Within these categories, there are several types of programs available, all allowing for the progression of Light Energies. Lightarian™ Programs are very high level Spiritual energies. They are simply powerful.  Each one comes complete with it’s own procedure and registration through The Lightarian Insitute for Global Human Transformation There is a recommended wait period between each level, however, each student can be dowsed for the correct individual’s wait period between programs.

Future, there a simple procedure outlined in each of the manuals, for each program, which details how the Facilitator or Teacher must perform the program.  They can e given many ways: via the telephone, Skype, sent Remotely or at a distance while sitting in the meditation, or in-person.  Please allow up to 60 minutes for each ‘remote’ program, and only one can be done at a time. Each in-person appointment takes about 45 minutes to complete for each person, however, we usually ask that each person allow 60 minutes and begin sitting in a quiet mediation at the start of the 60 minutes.  In sessions,  please spend some time meditating prior to the appointment so that the Higher Self connection is stronger and the aura is ready to allow these energies to flow.  The energies move in over the next day or so, even for the next week for some.  Each person reports a different ‘feeling’ of the energies involved.

All manuals must be ordered from the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation, and all students must be registered. Certification as a teacher or facilitator allows an individual to order manuals and to then offer these to others, versus the personal version. The prerequisite for all Lightarian ™ Programs is a minimum of Usui Reiki Master, but for Lightarian Reiki™, this will still require a ‘Buddic Boost’ unless the person is a Karuna® Reiki Master.  Each one consists of a strong connection between the Facilitator or Teacher’s Higher Self and the student’s Higher Self, and a energy transfer from the appropriate Ascended Master, Archangel, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lightarian ™ Manual MUST be mailed, received and read prior to appointment.

ALL Lightarian Attunements can be done in person, or via using either Remote or Distance Method
All Lightarian Programs can be purchased either separately OR in Groups, but each one is still scheduled and done separately with some time in between for the energies to join and absorb.  Current Prices are in the “Shop” menu and please feel free to call or email with any questions, and/or check out the Lightarian site:  Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation

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