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Past Life Hypnosis


By all accounts, most of us (our souls) have lived something like 800 – 900 lives!  So, that’s really a lot of past life information.  How do we navigate this super highway of the past, or future, whatever the case may be?  We start, of course, with the present life and work backwards to childhood, then as a baby, back into the womb and finally, way back.  The goal is always set by the client and this particular type of hypnosis is called ‘regression’ for obvious reasons.

Some people may visit many interesting other lives, while some get much little information and need more time or a deeper trance state to achieve less resistance.  Whatever happens, it is all given to you when you are meant to have the information.  It is not unusual to go to Atlantis, Greece, Russia, and much older civilizations and to bring back wonderful insights and knowledge.  However, every visit is a personal one and we can’t say what someone will ‘get’ or not.  

How long does it take?

It usually takes longer than the average hypnosis session, about 45 – 60 min just for trance, and then we include some relaxation techniques and the interview process.  So, the whole session is about 90 min average.



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