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Smoking Cessation

Smoking and even E Cigarttes is really a very dirty habit and disrepects the body and soul.  Hypnosis is most known and researched for smoking and weight loss and they seem to go together too!      

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Smoking Cessation Program – 3 Session Package! Sale $465 Reg. Price: $555

Includes: 3 sessions includes interview, 90 min., one session each week or every other week, HeartMath and stress reduction CD, and self-hypnosis training. Smoking is a bad habit and expensive, as well as contributes to future health problems like heart attacks, strokes, lung problems, breathing difficulties, asthma, etc.

Each Hypnosis for Smoking session includes a FREE CD or MP3 emailed to you for use on many electronic devices. And yes, Learning Hypnosis in VA is also very helpful AND FUN for yourself and others!

Hypnosis is the most known, totally natural, effective and successful method for quitting smoking and for weight control. This type of hypnosis is termed ‘suggestive’ hypnosis, whereby the hypnotist or hypnotherapist reinforces the reasons for ‘breaking the habit’ and assists the client in changing their behavior pattern. It is further reinforced by the client learning self-hypnosis as further reinforcement.

Conditions of Smoking Cessation Program $465 must be paid prior to 1st session. Go to and book your 1st appointment. You will need to hold your appointment with a credit card, OR use the paypal button below to purchase your program, which is available in office, over Skype, or via the telephone using speakers and a lapel microphone. Each Hypnosis for Smoking session includes a FREE CD or MP3 emailed to you for use on many electronic devices.

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Manuals are sent by regular mail and written in English, unless otherwise specified. If you have any concerns regarding the manuals, please contact me before purchase. Attunement fees are NOT refundable once payment has been made.

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