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           What is Stress Management?

To some people, the feeling of being ‘stressed out’ can just be an overwhelming feeling.  Of course, during the holidays most people are generally stressed, and some people also feel stress due to:  job pressure, relationship stress, raising children and handing their issues, pets, and almost anything that we handle in our day-to-day lives.  Constant stress often makes people feel a little sick, under the weather, or even not really in control of their own lives.

There are also situations and events in life that do stress out almost everyone like:  death of a pet or loved one, job changes, boss changes, educational stress especially for college students, financial stress and concerns and many other things.  There is always stress in our lives, however, there should be a balance of good stress versus bad stress, but life itself is generally stressful in some way.  A smart person once wrote that life itself IS stressful, otherwise there is no life.  But, it is often how we deal with out stress, or rather how we don’t deal with it, that most affects people.

Of course, then there are the traumas that cause severe stress like:  car accidents, houses burning, etc.  Traumatic situations are stressful and some people tend to ‘bounce’ right back to themselves and others just may feel more overwhelmed.  And, of course, then there are the buried emotions and traumas, all through the ages and stages of all our lives, that probably add the most stress and pressure.  Mainly, these are held in the ‘unconscious’ part of self, and so we are virtually unaware of them as we go about our day-to-day lives.     

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All people at some point in their lives experience some level of grief and loss, AND grief and loss then becomes ‘Buried Trauma’ especially if we are young and unable to process all the emotions and feelings involved.  Hypnosis is a trance state induced through focusing attention on thoughts, feelings, images, sounds or sensations. However, it is most beneficial to attain a very deep level of relaxation first.  It can assist with many things, especially buried traumas, because it acts as one the deepest available tools for resolving inner conflicts and buried emotions and traumas of all sorts.

 How can Hypnosis for Stress Management help with Stress?

Hypnosis uses a deep state of relaxation to create change on an unconscious level, using visualizations, suggestions and other analytical tools.  All of our clients are taught self-hypnosis, and self-relaxation to practice on their own time, as well as are provided with an MP3 to listen to, that will further help to train the body/mind in relaxation techniques and self hypnosis.  These MP3’s can easily be used and accessed by clients and some are as short as 8 minutes, which makes this hypnosis work available to everyone, everywhere even using Skype during long distance sessions, otherwise in the office.

Stressed out people can often feel like they are not in control of their lives, and hypnosis and relaxation can assist by helping them to ‘feel’ more in control.  Self-control and powerlessness go together, and hypnosis can assist in re-establishing feelings of power and control in one’s life.  The use of a cd or MP3 after a session is to help ‘reprogram’ the mind and the mind then controls the body.  The mind and body follow each other and hypnosis is all about helping the mind to know it is in control.  Hence, the body should feel more in control and this may change behavior also.       

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Hypnosis can often be of assistance in Resolving issues, blockages and Buried Trauma (unconscious or conscious resistance and/or blockages) and help to:

  • Overcome fears about death and mortality
  • Buried fears and traumas from Childhood
  • Address fears related to Conflict of work vs family
  • Concerns about relationships and making new relationships (pets and people)
  • Lowers Stress levels, relax more = less resistance to change
  • Assist with inducing relaxation, and most people say they sleep better
  • Unresolved issues from childhood
  • Issues blocking happiness and success, and self-confidence
  • Help to restore Feelings of Safety and Groundedness, Security              
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How can hypnosis help with Stress?

Hypnosis can be very useful and helpful as a ‘Restoration Self Tool‘ and although most people will feel very relaxed and at ease from the very first session, it may take several sessions to address the roots of the issue.  All clients learn self-hypnosis, and receive it on a cd or MP3 to practice for 30 days.  Self-hypnosis helps with re-inforcing the hypnosis session and script, so that people feel more in control, and less powerless.  This type of transpersonal hypnosis is also very, very relaxing, much like a deep form of meditation, and it may even cause clients to feel more energetic and refreshed.

How many sessions will help with Stress Management?

Hypnosis is an excellent healing tool, especially when we teach our clients Self Hypnosis and provide cd’s or MP3’s for them to use on a continual, as needed basis.  However, the number of sessions depends on the client and the issues, and it is always up to the client to decide this.

It is most reasonable to afford a 3 session Package, which can be done over Skype or in person in a very relaxed, comfortable setting with gentle meditation music  in the background.  Hypnosis is Goal Oriented, and stress management like most personal goals, will take at least 3 sessions at minimum to meet the goal of more relaxed, feelings of being in more control of one’s life,  and more secure and able to accomplish goals.

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What Can I expect to feel after my Stress Management Sessions?

This form of hypnosis is very relaxing, and so probably feelings of more balanced, more in control, more able to face life’s challenges.  Of course, everyone has different experiences, but this is what is expected as an outcome.

Some clients may require more sessions than others to meet their personal goals. Client who fail to listen to their MP3 or cd for the required 30 day period will probably not have as good a result. 

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