**Testimonials – Health Coaching Program**

[From Health For Life, LLC’s Regular Health Coaching Program]

**Thank you Helen so much for your help with my weight and all around health. I have lost 30 lbs, can see my abs and feel better than ever! I have more energy and I can play golf without back pain. The weight and back pain did not go away in a week but with your diet, supplements ongoing coaching and some light exercise, I am feeling so much better. No more reflux, no more back and neck pain, no more looking for the nearest chair, I can walk up a flight or two of stairs and not be out of breath!!**

Thank you again. – B.B. – VA

**I am thankful to Helen for her help with healing work and nutrition counseling. I have lost 22 pounds just by following the right diet and supplements, which I have not been able to loose for so many years. She is an angel with a lot of insight and wisdom.**

Regards, T.N. – VA


**I have lost 27 lbs. since I began working with Helen Bramow, of Health For Life, LLC!!!!!! I am now down to my personal goal of 113 lbs. and have a waist of 28!!! This weight loss did not happen overnight. Helen showed me how my blood sugar (which in 55 years I never gave a thought to) was controlling my life.**

S. M. – TN

**Disclaimer. Weight loss varies from client to client. These testimonials were from Helen’s regular health program, NOT hypnosis, nor Hypno-Band. The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™ is for people who need to lose at least 30 pounds or more.”**

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