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**Testimonials from Services and/or Classes**


•      Weight Loss Hypnosis

  •      ** “Thank you Helen so much for your help with my weight and all around health.  I have lost 30 lbs, can see my abs and feel better than ever! I have more energy and I can play golf without back pain.  The weight and back pain did not go away in a week but with your diet, supplements ongoing coaching and some light exercise, I am feeling so much better.  No more reflux, no more back and neck pain, no more looking for the nearest chair, I can walk up a flight or two of stairs and not be out of breath!!
Thank you again” **.
B.B. – VA

•      Health Coaching Program

       •      ** “I am thankful to Helen for her help with healing work and nutrition counseling. I have lost 22 pounds just by following the right diet and supplements, which I have not been able to loose for so many years. She is an angel with a lot of insight and wisdom.:* *
Regards, T.N. – VA

       •      **I have lost 27 lbs. since I began working with Helen Bramow, of Health For Life, LLC!!!!!! I am now down to my personal goal of 113 lbs. and have a waist of 28!!! This weight loss did not happen overnight. Helen showed me how my blood sugar (which in 55 years I never gave a thought to) was controlling my life.**
S. M. – TN

       •     I have definitely feel an improvement in my health.  I used to feel very achy in my joints that every time I walked up the stairs or even getting out the car, was very problematic for me.  Taking the vitamins you suggested, helped me great deal.  I do not feel achy joints and my sugar levels have gotten better since then.”
S R – Ashburn, VA

       •      I, Susan M, whole-heartedly recommend Helen Bramow at Health For Life LLC. Helen is very skilled, qualified, and knowledgeable at all she does! Helen is a person of integrity, talent, insight and intuition.  In my opinion-and all this is-Helen is a natural born healer.
I met Helen at a conference. Later looked at her web site-just for fun. Decided to try a nutritional consultation.”
Susan M – Mammoth Cave, KY

       •      I have consulted with Helen Bramow on numerous occasions over the past year and found her advice and assistance extremely valuable. I was pleased to see that she is well versed in many holistic wellness systems, including some very new, cutting-edge modalities. She also has shown a keen intuition in determining the root causes of my specific health issues.”

       •      I also have been impressed with her extensive research into health topics, and particularly supplements, to ensure the latter’s safety and effectiveness for clients.  I also was pleased (and surprised) that she personally tries every supplement before recommending it to others.  But, unlike some practitioners, she does not ‘push’ supplements on clients.  All in all, I feel she is a truly talented, dedicated, and highly ethical healthcare provider who believes deeply in her natural calling.  I believe Helen has a genuine interest and the requisite knowledge and skills to move clients forward, as she helped me move rapidly toward better health and higher potential.
J. S. – Chevy Chase, MD

•      Certified Hypnosis Classes

Very professional and helpful I am amazed at the quality of healing she can deliver.  She is also an amazing instructor I took a hypnosis class and obtained more information in my few weeks with her than I did at several years of college I feel completely prepared to start my own practice!
Zak F.

•      Reiki Classes

“Helen is nothing short of amazing.  I always learn so much from her when I take one of her courses on Reiki/Energy healing and when I was pregnant recently, I took her Hypnobirthing course which helped build my confidence greatly to have an unmedicated homebirth.  Helen is insightful, kind, warm and one of few that you can tell truly does her job well and sincerely cares about others. Any course, service, etc. provided by her is always worth far more than the price listed. She’s generous and knowledgeable…a combination of qualities that can’t be beat when it comes to healing others.  My Reiki class with her made me feel more at peace and was efficient enough for me to understand what I was doing so that I could perform and help heal others.  Helen is a great teacher, mentor, healer and a kind of oracle.  She knows how to speak to your heart and give you the service you need and more! I can’t wait to continue to learn from her so I can do the same for others in the capacity that she does.  A generous and caring soul indeed….”
Kristen T – Chantilly, VA

•      Healing Sessions   

       •      Before meeting Helen, I was very “rusty” with Reiki. I met her at the Pathways Holistic event back in September. Ever since I received the Imara Reiki attunement, all I need to do is think reiki, and I instantly feel it coming out from my hands. My hands get warm, tingly, and twitch, which I know I still have the energy within me. It seemed that Imara Reiki just gave me a spark to ignite myself and it also reminds me why I really enjoy reiki. Thanks Helen! I am glad we met and I can move forward in my life. I am looking forward to taking more attunements from you. FMC
Fairfax, VA        

      •      Helen is awesome. I recommend her for nutrition and SRT [healing] work.
Tanya N. – Fairfax, VA

      •      “I had an SRT [healing] session with Helen Bramow which proved to be extremely interesting. She put in a very relaxed state and then various images came up in my mind, almost like a dream, but more stable and connected together instead of being random or short and choppy images like in my dreams. I did feel some emotion, but not overpowering or uncomfortable. Afterwards I was able to get some insight into what I had seen which helped explain some issues I had been dealing with. All in all it was a very valuable experience.” JS

       •      “Doing an SRT [healing] session with Helen, I feel lighter, clearer in my thinking afterwards. I enjoy the sessions and I feel they make me clearer so I can connect better with my own Higher Self.” SM

•      Reiki Sessions   

       •      Thank you so much for the [Reiki] attunement. It was great! I was up early doing my meditation and devotions, so I was ready. As with other attunements, my body vibrated, my arms moved up and down. I was guided to repeat the Violet Flame mantra during the attunement, as well as Quan Yin’s mantra. The connection was so strong I got up toward the end, and my body danced on its own. This only happened once before when I was attuned to Rasheeba. Thank you! I received many messages during the attunement as well. I did not know that you were a member of the Keeper of the Flame, as I was directed to your site by my angels for this attunement.
S.L. – MN

       •      Helen’s techniques are very soothing and relaxing. It was a gift to have the informative light work and I feel a more clear connection with protective and loving energies.

•      Hypnosis Sessions 

        •      As always, it was a treat to receive expert, common sense advice. The session was very worthwhile and appreciated. I can only say
                         to, “Keep up the good work”.
                         Brent D.

**Disclaimer. Weight loss varies from client to client.  These testimonials were from Helen’s regular health program, NOT hypnosis, nor Hypno-Band, although these programs could be combined for some clients who would benefit most from both a Hypnosis Program and Health Program.  However, usually the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™ is for people who are OBESE, need to lose at least 30 pounds or more, or have a BMI of about 30.”**

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